Blagonic Brothers

Brothers. On a quest to create
engaging user experiences.

We are two brothers on a quest to create functional and easy–to–use user interfaces. Located in Zagreb, Croatia, we work and consult international clients to deliver optimal experiences to their users.

Same mission. Different approach.

Working with us means that you choose to work with two rather different individuals. While having the same goals we often follow diverse paths which allows us to have a perspective of much larger teams.


Lucijan has 10+ years of experience working on the web — planning, prototyping, designing and coding interfaces. Focusing on accessibility and usability he is determined on delivering optimal cross–device experience.


Emanuel has 13+ years of experience and more than 500 projects on his back. From designing websites to designing touch–screen applications, he worked with small and big clients, startups and global projects.

Things that matter. On time and on the budget.

We specialize in working both remotely and on–site to deliver stunning interfaces for web and touch–screen applications and websites. Our expertise includes user interface and user experience design, information architecture and responsive front–end design.


Focused. Always searching for the optimal solution.

One of the benefits of a small team is that we can't take multiple projects at once. That's why we are good at planning our time. We don't bill hourly so you can book us either daily or weekly. You can hire both of us on our studio rate but have in mind that we'are usually booked two months in advance.

Work with us!

  • Approach. With our different perspectives, you will feel like you’re working with a large agency while having all the benefits of working with a small and focused studio.
  • Focus. We don’t work on small projects. If we take your project we will be focused on it with no other projects on our mind.
  • Quality. We always deliver more than expected. Nevertheless, we create part of the project that no one will see (like obscure back–end HTML) we take a great pride in what we do.
  • Expertise. With 25+ years of combined experience, we were here when Internet Explorer 6 was the new kid in town to web standards and responsive design – we’ve gone through it all.
  • Users first. Although you will be our client, we are always thinking about users first. This way we can deliver a solution that will work for your users and because of that – for you.

Don't work with us!

  • When you’re in a hurry. We are booked several weeks in advance so we don’t take projects that should be started immediately.
  • When you’re not prepared. It is important to be prepared when you’re starting a new project. If you’re not yet prepared it’s ok if you plan to prepare everything before project start.
  • When you have small goals. We are often asked to do “this small thing” but we don’t like to work on projects that are not challenging to us, sorry.
  • When you don’t know your budget. A budget helps us evaluate your goals and how well prepared you are for.

Now that we got that out of the way, feel free to fill out our project inquiry form.

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